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American Snout Butterfly (Libytheana carinenta) Brushfoot (Nymphalids) Family. Photo by Donna L. Long.

August is Butterfly Month

Welcome to Butterfly Month on In Season. I have seen many butterfly in my garden this summer. Cabbage Whites, Orange Sulphurs, Zebra Swallowtails, Mourning Cloaks and Pipevine Swallowtails. Each Tuesday in August, I publish an extensive post on the … [Read More...]

A male Eastern Towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) feeding in the grass. Public domain photo courtesy Ken Thomas.

Birds by Color: Orange Birds

Orange birds aren't very numerous.  There are only four orange bird species here in North America. These photographs will help you decide which one you are looking at.         More Photo Galleries of Birds by … [Read More...]

Blue jay at Fort Washington State Park

Birds by Color: Blue Birds

What is that blue bird that is hanging out in your backyard? To the In Season readers who ask those questions I gather together photos of blue birds find in the eastern region of North America. All the photos were found on the Internet and thanks … [Read More...]

Male American Goldfish feeding at my feeders.

Summer Moons and Nature Holidays

Summer is a time of celebration, of bright summer moons and nature holiday celebrations. Following the rhythm of the season brings us to the warmth and bright sunshine of summer. We are half way through the year. It is hard to believe but after the … [Read More...]

Sustainable Living

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How Earth Works


The Smell of Rain

I woke up to the smell of rain. I walked in my garden and breathed deeply of the scent of good Earth. Moist dewy air filled my lungs. The rain hadn't … [Read More...]

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Land Ethics

Pine cones and long, graceful pine needles

Words Before All Else A new year begins. I think it fitting to begin the year with words of thanksgiving. The Words That Come … [Read More...]

Northern Blue Flag

Why Native Plants?

There are misconceptions among people who don't know what native plants are and why they are so important. I think the first misconception is that … [Read More...]

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